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Chief Helder Freire
Helder Freire



They say that cooking is an art and a passion.

And I couldn't agree more with that, whenever I prepare a dish, I do it with the same desire that I had when I started experimenting for myself and my friends, cooking is like painting a picture or composing a song, color a dish with the colors that nature gives us, and what a huge palette I have at my disposal every day, listen to the sound of the meat grilling, the onion and the peppers that jump on the plate, while the laminated meat of the kebab goes turning golden, the cheese melted in the francesinhas when they come out of the oven, as if they were crying, the unmistakable odor of grilled charcoal or fresh herbs that help to refresh a dish, as if brush strokes of paint were treated.

Anyway, so much that you can do with this desire to create, recreate, innovate, get your hands dirty without fear, feel the ingredients, get your hands dirty.

Cooking is always a unique experience that I recommend to everyone.


Helder Freire.

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Leandra Freire



Dorisa Chinita

Dorisa Chinita





Dorisa Chinita


Kitchen helper

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